03 November 2009

{159 days old}

Nine days after spay day, and we finally felt Darwin was healed up enough to go do some running at a park.  We headed over to Discovery Park.  It is not an off leash dog park, so we're technically breaking the law (I know, shame on us), but it's a great big park (534 acres) that was a former fort (Fort Lawton).  The great thing about this park is because of its size we can let Darwin off leash and let her run free through the meadows without having to really worry about her disturbing other people. 

One handy thing our dane friends at Marymoor taught Darwin, is how to drink out of a water bottle.  Makes it so much easier than having to carry a water bowl around with us.

Discovery Park has a ton of wild blackberry bushes growing all throughout the park, so as we walked I picked some for Jason and I to snack on.  We let Darwin have one to try, and she loved them, so much in fact she decided she could pick her own berries rather than wait for me to give her some.

We headed over to Jabu's after the park for a burger and beer dinner for Jason and I.  While there I was giving Darwin treats, trying to get her to sit nicely and managed to drop a treat in my beer.  Let me tell you Zukes Mini Naturals in your beer does not taste good.


  1. Liver beer!

    You went a little googly eyed over those berries, huh? Glad your fix it surgery is all better.


  2. Oh yes, I like to drink water from a bottle too! Although most of it seems to just slide out of my mouth and all down my chest and even MORE slobber goes everywhere!! Hee!~ Hee!