01 November 2009

{31oct2009: college football Saturday}

It's Saturday, which usually means a boring day for Darwin.  Put on her Notre Dame collar, and get ready to sleep through a day of football games.  Today we changed things up a bit.  First we went out in the morning, and ran into her bff from the building, Riley.  So they had a quick wrestle and chase session on our neighbors lawn.  Then we had some breakfast and decided to meet up with some friends at Marymoor. 

So Darwin and I headed out, it was still football day for Jason, and it was packed today!  There were soccer games around the park, and SODA volunteers were at the park to spread out the wood chip hills and do some fundraising.  Of course the day I don't bring cash, they are there selling their fundraising calendars!  Hopefully they're there tomorrow so I can get my calendar!

Darwin ran into some dane friends and got a good play session in with Etta before Juneau and Biggie showed up.

{water break}

Etta's dad and a couple other dane owners noticed Darwin's teeth... or lack of teeth.  She has a big gap between her back teeth and front teeth... just gums.  They were the first ones, besides me, who've noticed it and pointed it out... I don't know what it is.  I'm hoping they grow in at some point!  Anyone know if that's common?  I'll need to get a picture of it soon.
Any how, we met up with Biggie and Juneau and took a walk around the park.  We saw one dog dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween, but not much else.  Darwin doesn't have a costume this year, but maybe next year!

Juneau showed off to Darwin how well behaved she is at 2 years old... and we can only hope Darwin will be as well behaved as Juneau one day.

After a couple hours at the dog park, Darwin is nice and pooped... just the way we like it!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Stay safe!


  1. If being well behaved means doing a down stay then you are all set. Us big dogs are great at that.


  2. I also have that gap between my teeth, but I still have my baby teeth. Maybe the permanent ones just haven't grown in yet...

  3. Gosh Darwin -- you always get to play with so many Dane friends -- how come there are so many Danes living around you? You lucky pup!

    Yeah, I can do a really good Down Stay as well -- there was always the thing I was best that in obedience class, ha ha! I think I was giant, placid breeds are always good at those kinds of commands. My human says the problem is getting me to go down but once I'm down very little can get me to get back up again! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane