21 November 2009

{203-205 days old}

The weekend after camping, we took another weekend trip, this time down the Oregon coast to visit some friends at Seal Rock.  It was a long drive in traffic, we left Seattle at 130 and by the time we got there it was close to 830pm.
The next morning after breakfast we walked down to the beach to check it out.

Darwin was very excited to run on the beach, though a little nervous about all the fog.

Jason and Megan decided to climb some rocks to check out the view from above, and Darwin was so upset she was stuck on the sand.

She paced back and forth and cried and whined.  It was pathetic.  Finally she walked around and found a spot low enough she could jump up.

Of course when it was time to get down, Darwin was a little freaked out about that too, and it took a bit of time for her to be willing to jump down the way she jumped up.
We took a walk down the beach, but couldn't see much due to the fog.  
We headed into Newport for the afternoon, and after some beer and gin tasting at Rogue headed to the old town to walk around.  There was a pier that overlooked an area with lots of seals.  

All the barking of the seals scared Darwin, and she didn't want to set foot on the pier.  It took a few tries but she finally did it.

The next day we headed to another stretch of beach.  It was pretty empty so we got to play some fetch, which Darwin will do about 3 times before she stops.

We got a nice "family" picture...

As we walked down the beach some lazy owner didn't pick up their dogs poop, and it got stepped in.  So while I attempted to bury it so no one else could step in it, Darwin supervised Jason's shoe cleaning.

I found a crab claw on the beach and had some fun "crushing Darwin's head" (Anyone remember that from Kids in the Hall? see the video here)

We walked a bit further, then headed back.  It was going to be another long drive home and so we headed out.  Darwin was pooped from all the excitement of the weekend.


  1. I like your family photo for sure. Your parents are YOUNG! That must be why you get to go on so many adventures. But be careful with that rock climbing. My goodness.


  2. A tired dog is a good dog! Wow that was an adventure! Your pics are always great but the one of darwin runnning with her ears in the air is really nice and so is the family photo.
    p.s. I cored an apple and put some peanut butter in the middle like you suggested. Moose LOVED it. I have given him slices of apple a few times but was not sure what he would do with a whole apple! He looked puzzled for about a half second then went to town on it! I will post some pics at some point...

  3. I love the claw photo and am jealous of the Rogue tasting.