07 November 2009

{171 days old}

This summer we had some of the hottest days Seattle has seen (record breaking low 100's).  It was ridiculously hot.  Most homes don't have air conditioners, as they aren't usually needed most of the time, so we spent the nights sitting in front of the fan.  Darwin LOVED the fan. 

{Yes?  I'm trying to enjoy MY fan}

A couple nights later when the temperature was a little higher, we went a step further and wet some kitchen towels, stuck them in the freezer and then draped them over ourselves when they were nice and cold.


  1. I like to sleep in front of the fan on hot days too. That is really too hot for a sensitive gal such as yourself. Glad you got the cooling wrap to make you feel better. Do you eat ice cubes? I love those on a hot day.


  2. Wow! We have the opposite problem here! We don't have heat so on the few days it happens to get really cold we just have to snuggle up! Great ideas on keeping cool though!

  3. I dont think my girls would know what to make of a fan... Shy would probably stick her nose in it...the frozen towels sound a brilliant idea

  4. What great owners you are! Can you believe you are using fans in November?! Here in Arizona we are dying too! I refuse to have the AC on so we just open the doors and windows and pretend it is fall like weather. So crazy!