17 November 2009

{15nov2009: weekend parks}

Jason's out of town for work, so it was a girls weekend for Darwin and I.  I decided we needed to branch out and try a new park and headed over to West Seattle's Westcrest Park.  It was a fun park with good play areas and a path that loops around the park.  There were also gates that lead you to other trails around the park.  Darwin got to play with a lot of new friends and we even ran into another dane, Willis, who we had met outside our office a few months ago when Darwin was just a tiny pup.  

Yesterday it was raining and cold in Seattle so of course Darwin had no desire to be outside.  Of course since we do live in Seattle, she'll have to get used to the rain, so I took her to Marymoor to test a theory.  Juneau's mom thinks that if Darwin got to play in the rain she'd get used to it.  I started her off in her coat to ease her into it.

After a few minutes, she was wrestling with another pup and her new coat was filthy (great) so I took it off to see if she would handle being coat free in the rain.

After a while the rain stopped and Darwin was content running through mud puddles and rolling around.  As we were leaving the rain started up again and so rather than leaving, we did another lap around the park and she got some play time in with a new friend.

She seemed to forget about the rain which was good.  Of course this morning when it was time to go outside and it was windy and rainy, she paused for a bit before going out.  Maybe a few more times playing in the rain will do the trick.


  1. What a gorgeous coat, Darwin!!!

    I hate to tell your human this but I think with us Danes, once a wimp, always a wimp in the rain!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Miss Darwin,
    Lucky you have dark furs so nobody will see the mud on you. Hehehe.


  3. Playing in the rain is brilliant.. mine love to walk in drizzle.. gee I love darwins coat.. classy girl

  4. We've been taking Remi out in the blustery, rainy weather. Today was quite the challenge because it was like a hurricane. But he still played and had fun. Maybe he and Darwin can meet up sometime. That Westcrest park looks really nice.