10 November 2009

{177 days old}

This summer our office had our annual summer picnic at one of our boss' newly remodeled home on Bainbridge IslandIt's a short 30 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge and it was Darwin's first time going to go over, so we took her up to the sun deck to give her the full experience.

It was pretty cool and windy up there and we don't think Darwin really enjoyed that much wind in her face, so we didn't hang out there very long. 

When we got to the house they have a nice big deck that we got to hang out on and enjoy the warm summer weather.  The house is right on the water, so after a while a bunch of us went to check it out.  We managed to get Darwin to the edge of the water, but when a big wake from a passing boat splashed her, she was done with the water.

It just so happens one of Darwin's sisters, Sydney, lives a few houses down and so she came over for a quick visit.  It was their first time seeing eachother since they both left their mom.

They are both alpha females so there was a bit of growling going on, but it was fun to see the two of them together and compare the two.  They look so much alike! (sorry, wasn't able to get a great picture of them together)

It was a fun afternoon and Darwin got lots of attention and was nice and pooped by the end of the party.



  1. Yep shes got Shilohs water habits.. boy it looked windy on the deck of the ferry.. wish we had Danes near us.. mine are the only ones

  2. Oh you gals and your alpha stuff. Sigh.


  3. alpha females uh? quite a challenge... but gorgeous colours.