24 November 2009

{217 days old}

Few more posts and then we'll be all caught up with Darwin's first 7.5 months!
While this year has be pretty crappy with the recession, one good thing that came out of it was half day Friday's during 3 months this summer which equaled a 10% paycut.  Paycut's are no fun, but getting time some hours off each week is a good trade off, especially during the summer months when it's beautiful here.
This particular Friday I took Darwin to Golden Gardens park for some play time.  She found a hole that had been dug, and claimed it as her own.

As she entertained herself with the hole, I entertained myself with this fuzzy yellow caterpiller.

After a while another puppy, a Mastiff mix Mangus, showed up who liked the hole just as much as Darwin.

They continued to play in and on the hole the rest of the time. 

I worried about twisted ankles and broken legs, so when they ran off, I got a shovel and filled in the hole.  Of course they tried to dig it up again, but that was quickly put to a stop.


  1. Yuh, we are always worrying about twisted ankles here too. Sigh. I like your new friend.


  2. Oh my dogs! Darwin has a NEW furiend! Wow, I like your friend too!
    great job on that hole. we need a few dug for some trenches and landscaping. mind coming over? pay is 1 bully stick/day and a few handfuls of meaty treats.

    wild dingo