19 November 2009

{196-198 days old}

This past August we packed up the car and went camping for the first time!
{Are we there yet?!}

We headed out East to a spot our friends knew of... a little secluded spot on a lake.  We got there after a three or so hour drive and set up camp.  As soon as we were set, Darwin and Juneau wanted to check out the lake.  Juneau played fetch, while Darwin waded. 

Darwin was brave and hopped on a log with Sajo, but slipped off as she tried to pass him and was so embarrassed after she didn't want to go back in the water.

The dogs played and avoided the fire and soon it was bedtime and Darwin was happy to come into the tent with us.  She slept on my sleeping bag through the night and not on her bed, so though the tent could hold 6 people, we took up about 1/3 of it.  In the morning it was a bit chilly so I wrapped her up in the blankets.

She soon heard Juneau outside and wanted out so they could play.

After a yummy breakfast made by Jason, Sajo went fishing in the lake, and Jason, Darwin and I took a trek around the lake.

It was naptime for the pups, so they both went in their respective tents and rested for a bit.

{Can I come out yet?!}

It was a fun weekend in the outdoors, and we'll need to do it again next summer!


  1. Sounds like a super time Darwin! I still remember my first camping trip...Mom says I was exhibiting bad behavior that day and doing things like chewing at my leash and stuff to get away but I don't remember it like that. I would never have acted in such a way. As for your little slip...I don't blame ya, I wouldn't have wanted to go back in either. ;)


  2. geez...you've got a cush life there Darwin, my dear!

    wrapped up in a blankey and everything... oh wait, i do that to the FMD Loki... who has very little hair and a bare belly... he loves it!

    be careful on that log in the water!
    wild dingo

  3. What a fun time in a beautiful place. I find myself craving woods and mountains and such because there is nothing like that here. The highest point in Florida is a land fill :-(.
    As always the pics are awesome! I really love Darwin all bundled up!

  4. what great times! and a great place! love the " can I come out yet" pics :o)

  5. What a fantastic break... love the spot you were at, absolutely gorgeous... looks like the dogs had a ball... even Darwin in the water!

  6. You were most brave to go on that log at all. It looked scary.


  7. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!! camping is our FAVORITE THING!!!