08 November 2009

{07nov2009: 9 months!}

It's Darwin's nine month birthday today!  
Nothing exciting happening since its cold and rainy outside.  Darwin acts like the wicked witch of the West from Wicked when it rains.  Even if it's not raining but the ground is wet, she shakes her whole body as if she's drenched.  We bought her a coat for the cold and the rain (I need to get a picture of that) and it helps somewhat, but she still acts as if she's going to melt by the rain if she steps outside.  
So for her birthday I stopped at the pet boutique again and got her a cookie and a bully stick.  

She thoroughly enjoyed this cookie, mouthing it for a good minute or two before actually eating it.  It was a mess.  
Then she got her bully stick.  Here's the thing with bully sticks, she really likes them, but the problem is they make her SOOOO gassy!  She's already pretty gassy as is, but with bully sticks she's like a constant gas leak.  It's awful!  So now she can only get them on special occasions. 


  1. Happy birthday baby girl! Terrible smells huh? When I do that I get up and leave the room. You should try that and maybe your humans will blame each other and you can go back to getting bully sticks more often! Your cookie looks yummers. I tend to swallow things whole so momma never gets me cookies like that. Glad you took your time and enjoyed it though.

  2. Happy Happy birthday!!! Wow! Nine months. I can't imagine being that old! I have one bully stick and can't make much progress on it. But I've chewed my way through a dozen jumbo flossies and half a dozen tracheas. Those don't give me much gas. Glad you enjoyed your birthday. The cookie looked yummy!

    Did it hail up your way today? My pawrents thought I was flipping out when I started pawing and biting at the sliding door, but a couple seconds later it started hailing. Weird. Hopefully, we'll get some sun tomorrow!!

  3. Happy birthday Darwin...love the cookie... its raining here and when i open the door for a romp, they look at me like 'you gotta be joking'

  4. Yuh, bully sticks rock. They are super stinky and messy while you eat them and then give you totally awesome farts.


  5. bully sticks and cookie stuff... hm... haven't tried 'em, I think, but I still am a good farter....:o) sometimes they come with a sound, and that sure can make me jump!
    Bundy the bundle of joy :o)

  6. Almost the big 1, wow how time flies! :)