04 November 2009

{165 days old}

Darwin and I went for a long walk one day (2+ miles round trip) so I could go pick up some clothes I had dropped off at the alteration place.  The store next to the alterations place is a cute little pet boutique store, Mes Amis.  So I stopped in to get Darwin a treat since she was walking so nicely on the leash.  

As soon as I had paid she was ready for her treat, so I handed it to her and she was soooo happy to have it.  Of course we still had a mile to walk to get home and she proudly walked the entire way home with her new treat in her mouth.  
She did of course try to stop a few times to eat her treat, but we made it home.  As soon as we reached the front gate though, she seemed more excited that she made it home and forgot about her treat, dropping it, leaving it for me to bring in. 

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