02 October 2009

{01oct2009: battle wound}

Darwin's first battle wound from her play date with her brother, Boo.

After months of almost weekly play dates,today Darwin got the first "major" injury.  

Boo's mom cleaned it up after it happened (I don't know how she managed to do it on her own.  It took both Jason and I to keep her still). But with all her head shaking, it was looking a little bloody when we got home, so we cleaned it off again and put an on ointment (that we had gotten at the vet a couple months ago).

Me being the new puppy mom, I'm a little worried about it.  We'll see how it looks in the morning.  Not that I want to take her to the vet, but I did get pet insurance just for that reason! 


  1. She should be fine, a little tender but fine.. do what your doing and keep a beady eye on her...

    We had a scare with Chels when she was cut above her eye... healed remarkably quickly. I thought she may grow white hair there but she never did... think I was more of a basket case than Chels

  2. oohh white hair! i hope she doesnt have a white patch on her ear after this! she does have a few white hairs on her feet where her dew claws were.
    so we cleaned it about 3 hours ago, and its still bleedy... like blood dripping down (not off yet) her ear. i hope it stops sooon! I know ear wounds are bleeders (her blue dane friend at the dog park got a nip to the ear that kept bleeding and bleeding).
    so stressful!

  3. Pooor thing! Moose got a nasty bite once too and I was freaked out! Glad to hear you have insurance, after moose's $4000 knee I finally got PetPlan. Have not had to use it yet but it is nice to know it is there!
    I hope it heals fast!

  4. I spent some time today cleaning her ear again, wiping off all the dried blood and stuff. It still looked pretty nasty... I thought it was a clean cut, but it seems more like a flap of skin is folded over... Im still wondering if its ok if we just treat it ourselves, or if we need to take her in to get it looked it.