22 October 2009

{105-107 days old: part 3}

Day 3 of our long weekend vacation, and to end our trip we drive through Portland and stop by the Portland Rose Garden and take a walk around.

Darwin showed her appreciation of the garden by laying down, tasting some grass, and flailing about.
It was a fun long weekend and Darwin had a great time seeing a bunch of new things.  She probably also liked the fact that we let her sleep on the bed with us all weekend (even though we weren't supposed to... hehehe).


  1. Love the third shot... chelsea goes bonkers on grass.. not sure why (probably just cause she can..lol).. its always a little sad when holidays end and its back to reality...

  2. Nice roaching in the grass! We don't have much in our yard but I love to do that every chance I get. What a fun trip! Momma says she is impressed you found such a doggie friendly hotel!

  3. That grass feels sooooo good, huh.


  4. I have followed Africa's blog and saw your comment and decided to check out your blog. I love your beautiful Darwin!!! Great blog and I share your passion for our pets with a dog blog of my own. I'll be back as your blog is wonderful.