08 October 2009

{07oct2009: 8months & paw it forward}

What an exciting day for Darwin!  First off, she turns 8 months old today!  Second, she got a full day play date with her brother Boo Radley.  And third, her Paw It Forward package from Moose, all the way in Florida, came today!  

She was very excited to have her own package of mail to open.  She sniffed and then proceeded to lick and chew at the box to get at what was inside.  
And oh the goodies inside!

The first thing she pulled out... a moose from Moose!  She must've known Moose sent kisses to her on it, because she was all over it!

Then she found a treat ball, and went at the packaging trying to get it out.

She got the ball out, but is still trying to figure out how to get the treats out.  She seems to think I have to be the one to push it to make them come out.

New toys and lots of yummy treats!  And even a card from Moose himself with a cute note on the back!

Thanks Moose for all the goodies!  She loves them all, especially the moose!
So now, it's our turn!  Any three people who want to play, leave me a comment and let us know and we'll email you details!  I know many of you have already played, so if by two weeks there aren't any participants, we'll donate our paw it forward to a few dog rescues or shelters.  Or if one person wants to play (or two), for the other two (or one) slots we'll donate that share to a shelter.  
Thanks again Moose!!!

***update: 2 hours ago the moose had eyeballs.  Now the stuff-less moose is eyeball-less as well.  Jason found the eyes on the floor.  Poor moose***


  1. Heffner and Bess would love to play the Paw It Forward game!

  2. Yay, glad it made it so fast! I am glad she liked the Moose! I had all the stuff on the couch and left the room and when I came back Moose was standing there with it in his drool covered mouth wagging his tail! I had to wipe the drool off but figured it would just make it more interesting!
    If you put the Charlee Bears in the treat ball, they may not be tempting enough to start with. If there is something she really loves that you could try to break it up enough to fit in there to get her started. Also if it is really full of things that are smaller then a small accidental bump will get treats out and she will put it together that she can make it happen. Since you can't open the ball to clean it just stick to dry stuff so it doesn't get icky in there (in case that is not obvious!). When Moose first tried he took it to his bed and tried to chew it up to get stuff out but figured it out in a day or two!
    P.s. That last pic of her is adorable :-)
    P.p.s. Happy 8mo b-day big girl!

  3. Lindsay, can you send me an email at darwinthedane@gmail.com so we can exchange info!