14 October 2009

{68 days old}

I don't remember how it started, but one day we decided to give Darwin an apple as a snack.  And boy did she love it.

I think it was the fun of rolling it around on the floor, and then being able to bite pieces out of it.

It was funny, if you got too close to her, she'd think you were trying to take her apple away and pick it up and go somewhere else.

She'd eat the whole thing and then we would point out the little crumbs and pieces she left strewn over the floor, and she'd eat up all the little bits too.
She still loves her apples.  She's a nut for apples.  She's now tall enough to see what's on the counters and can see when we have apples.  If she sees one, she'll stand in front of it, and whine and carry on til we give her one.  I tried to have Jason cut one up for her one night, as she was being well behaved lying on her bed as we ate dinner.  So he went to the kitchen and as soon as it was cut in half, she jumped up and was at the counter waiting for her treat.  We now spell it out, a-p-p-l-e if we talk about it in front of her, because once she hears the word she thinks she's getting one.

Anyway, later this day we went over to our friend's apartment and Darwin and Friday got some play time.  I don't think Friday really liked Darwin playing with her toys... I don't think Friday really wanted to play tug with Darwin, but Darwin really wanted to play with  Friday!


  1. Shiloh is the same with Avocados.. though unlike Darwin we never gave her one.. she just knicked it off the bench one day and since they we cant have them out...

    Your going to be in trouble when Darwin learns to spelll ;)

  2. Moose is that way about carrots! Maybe I will try an apple too but guess I already know he will love it... he is a lab after all! Friday definitely had a lot on her (his?) mind but looks like it was good fun!