06 October 2009

{54 days old}

At our first vet visit we were told we should start getting Darwin used to brushing her teeth.  So we bought a tube of poultry flavored pet toothpaste, and gave it a try.
She moved and it ended up on her nose instead.

We haven't been very good about keeping up with the teeth brushing, and probably should get back in that habit.


  1. Hey Darwin,

    You are beyond cute with those big blue eyes. Too bad I'm terrified of big dogs. I almost want my humans to get a Great Dane!

    Hoover BPD

  2. That second picture is priceless! I tried some yummy smelling minty toothpast with the dogs for a while. They both HATED the smell and could hardly stand it being close to them. Food flavored toothpaste is definitely the way to go!