17 October 2009

{16oct 2009: Bad girl}

I was taking out the trash tonight, and noticed the bottle of pet carpet cleaner, and thought to myself, "we haven't had to use that in a while".  Two and a half hours later.... it gets used.  OI.
It's raining like mad here, like how they portray Seattle in the movies... We schedule a garage play date with Riley.  They tug, they chase, they growl, they have an hours worth of covered outside play time.  We call it a night, and are coming up the stairs (interior, carpeted stairs) and right at the door to our floor, Darwin stops and pees.  Really Darwin, you couldn't have done that 5 seconds ago when we were outside?!  
Out comes the carpet cleaner that hasn't been used in months.

*sorry Dana, no pictures of pee soaked carpet.  :)

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  1. Hey, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go, right? And us full sized doggies have a lot to go with. Whizzzz!