27 October 2009

{26oct2009: terrible twos?}

So maybe Darwin is approaching her terrible two's... or her rebellious adolescent phase... what age do puppies go through that?  It must be Darwin's time being 8.5 months old and all.
She's never been one to really destroy a toy... a few have worn out after playing, but nothing that she's sat and just killed.  Tonight changes that.
I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, and I turn around and see this:

Even as I'm sitting a few inches from her face taking pictures she continues de-stuffing the poor hippo.

The other morning we found a pair of plastic toy eyeballs on the floor, and I couldn't think of where they came from.  I found out tonight, they were the hippos eyeballs and she was de-stuffing him through his eye sockets.

Poor Hippo.  He was one of her toys from when she was a tiny puppy too.  
{De-stuffing takes a lot out of a girl... I need a break}

{You're gonna tell everyone about this aren't you...}

On a happier note, Darwin now has new puppy cousins down in California!
My cousin and his girlfriend just got a brother and sister pair of golden retriever black lab puppies.
World, meet Kava and Pele:


  1. Not the eyeballs!!! :)

    If Darwin has only 'eaten' one toy, you are very very lucky. I have a cabinet full of toys that Jack has decided to dismember. His best time - less than one minute for a $10.00 'undestructable' toy.

  2. Yup! 8 months was when Honey started turning into the Monster Puppy from Hell...not so much destroying things (she has never really been destructive) but pulling & lunging on the lead, out-of-control when seeing other dogs...it got REALLY bad - being 1st time dog owners, we were so inexperienced and did a lot of wrong things but with the help of a great trainer and a lot of hard work & patience, we pulled through and she is a lovely dog now...but I don't think I could really start enjoying her and taking her out & about till about 2yrs.

    Hope Darwin doesn't go through as bad a phase - if you're not already doing it, I would definitely start brushing up on the training! At least 5 mins EVERYDAY and if possible, as part of everyday routine (eg. get her to earn everything, incl attention, Sit for meals, going out the front door, etc, etc - simple everyday things) - which remind her that YOU are in control of all resources and are the pack leader in a nice but firm way. This is about the time they start forgetting everything they've learnt and getting rebellious and acting up and testing boundaries...and they are now VERY strong so you'll have to find ways to control her that are not physical (never let her find out just how strong she is!) but psychological - be one step ahead and more clever than her - manage the situations and don't let her get away with things - you may feel mean but tough love is worth it now when they are younger - so you can relax & enjoy and spoil them when they are older.


  3. Mine are de-stuffers, however they choice pillows as their choice objects. At one stage I was taking them to work or locking them in the shower recess... na the 2's dont wear off they are pups for at least 3 years I reckon

  4. Darwin! Watch out for those dorky puppies. They will torment you until you go insane.

    As for the terrible two's? Momma said mine lasted from about nine months to two years. Uh oh.


  5. Between our Boston Terrier and Jack Russell we haven't found a dog toy that is not destructable!! If a dog toy last more than 24 hours I feel we got our money's worth!!!

  6. Hey Darwin! It's super nice to meet a new Great Dane furiend as beautiful as you!!

    Both of us went through stuffee-destroying phases. Mommee and daddee both had to buckle down a little bit more on the discipline--and of course now we have to have stuffee-supervision at all times.

    We look forward to reading more about woo!

    Gus and Waldo