07 October 2009

{57 days old}

Spring in Seattle is beautiful!  Flowers are blooming, the sun's out, the air is crisp and cool.  It was one of the first nice spring days, and we decided we'd take Darwin out to enjoy it.  We met up with some friends at Green Lake had a picnic and sat around the lake. 

Being 8 weeks old, we couldn't walk her around the whole lake, or even half of it really, but we made it part way around and found a nice patch of grass to sit in.  I can't even count how many people would stop to ask if she was a weimaraner.  Actually we still get that question sometimes. 
{"Aren't I majestic?"}

{"Can we go home yeeeeet?"}

It wasn't very long til she fell asleep in the grass.

So we left, and spent some more time in the sun on the roof deck, where she decided she needed another nap.

Such a hard life being a puppy.


  1. I got that question all the time, and with Chels it was 'Is she a labrador' it didnt worry me and gave me an exuse (like I needed one) to talk Dane :)

    how beautiful is your girl... of course Im biased as she is so like mine...

    I remember Shys first outing to the beach, by my side like glue and totally exahusted. With their size it would be easy to forget they are just babes, i think especially if people have children.. but like children they are damn cute when they are asleep ;)

  2. She is such a weimaraner color which is so beautiful to me (it reminds me of birch trees) but the weimaraner personality does not suit me (for my own dog that is, they are a great dog too of course) so to me Darwin has the best of both worlds! Beautiful coat and personality! They are breeding silvery labs now and I would have thought I would love that look but have never seen them in person.