03 October 2009

{02oct2009: please & thank you}

If you have a chance today, please go visit Mr Darcy and send him all the love and positive vibes you can!  He's recovering from surgery, and the vet's outlook isn't very positive... so everyone else should be positive for him!
Also, a big thanks to our friends over at Danes Down Under for our first blog award!

Now the pressure's on to keep up the blogging!


  1. Big grin... na no pressure just blog the way it works for you... I went hectic at one stage and burntout... and your blog is cool (besides being about a Dane)... how many raise a pup from 2 days!..

    Hey head over to Darcy... hes going to make it !!!

  2. so good to see things may be turning around for him! so nerve wracking!

  3. Congrats on the award! You have a great blog here! I love reading the posts but keep falling behind! We are so worried about Mr Darcy, he sure is having a hard time though it is looking up a bit. Poor guy!