21 October 2009

{105-107 days old: part 1}

Darwin's first road trip!  We thought we'd take advantage of half day Friday's at work and spend the weekend in Seaside, OR.  We packed up the car and took off.

After a long drive and a few potty stops for Darwin, we made it to our destination, the Sandy Cove Inn.  Cute little motel and they welcomed Darwin with this:

After getting our stuff in the room, we realized we remembered to bring all of Darwin's things, but forgot our hiking shoes.  So we drove to town and bought some shoes for us, then headed to the beach for Darwin's first romp in the Pacific Ocean.

Getting near the water was a blast for her... but the waves freaked her out a bit.

After entertaining ourselves with her fear of the waves, she finally relaxed and enjoyed the cool ocean breeze.


  1. I like your travel box in the car. Also nice to see that I am not the only doggie in the whole world that needs a leash.


  2. Smile... what a motel to welcome a dog... most here ban them from coming... looks a great holiday and reminds me the girls and I need one...