31 October 2009

{150 days old}

After researching when to get Darwin spayed, we decided to take her in at 5 months.  There are some places that say to wait after her first heat, some that say to wait after a year, some that say do it before her first heat, and we didn't know what was the right answer, so we went with the fact that we didn't want to have to deal with a dog in heat.
So the day came and we headed to the vet.  Darwin gets excited going to the vet, I think cause she gets treats and lots of attention when she goes in.

She waited eagerly in the lobby and was more than willing to go back with the vet tech.  
The vet called after the procedure was done to update us, and we were able to pick her up after work.  
We got her home and she looked so sad laying on her bed with a shaved belly.

She was still pretty tired from the medication, so she slept through the night, cone free!


  1. Momma agrees, I was neutered before I started doing boy things. Momma says you should listen to your vet, after all they only went to school for like ever to learn the stuff. It's not like they just spent 20 minutes online googling the stuff - geesh!

    woof - Tucker

  2. Get well soon, little princess.