27 October 2009

{25oct2009: Marymoor Dane Days}

A cold cold overcast Sunday, but another day for Darwin to hang out with her friends at Marymoor.

Darwin's first dane friend of the day was this good looking 7 year old, Axel.

For an older guy he was pretty active and was willing to put up with hyper Darwin for a while.  Luckily for him 2 other danes were around and Darwin got distracted by them.

In an effort to warm up, we started walking around the park and met up with more of the group.

We also ran into the merle puppy Bella again, and she and Darwin and the irish wolf hound puppy Tessa got to chase eachother around.

I think I need to invest in some warm junky clothes to wear to the dog park, cause I was freezing yesterday, and my snowboarding jacket is now covered in dog slobber.


  1. Hi Darwin - I think you are so lucky to have these Great Dane meetups where you can meet other Danes - I hardly ever see any or get to play with any!

    And I also think you are very brave in the water!!

  2. I never saw so many dane dogs together at once. Plus other full sized dogs as well. You live in a wonderful place.


  3. Can't wait til I get to play with the big dogs!

  4. That looks like so much fun, you are very lucky to be able to meet up and play with other danes.
    Like Honey said, you don't see many other danes round here :(

    Was the Irish wolfhound fun to play with!? There is one that live near us, but only see him occasionally!