05 October 2009

{04oct2009: marymoor dane days}

Sundays at Marymoor there are weekly great dane meet ups... the group is Marymoor Danes.  We started bringing Darwin out as soon as she got all her shots, and we've got to meet alot of danes in the area.  Its great.   The group is usually there between 10-2 on Sunday's... people walk through the park and if we run into each other we all walk the park together taking breaks and letting the dogs play.
{Georgia, George, Lucy, Sirus, Hagrid, Turkish, Frankie, and Teshua's back}

Today there were quite a few... I think the group got up to at least 10-15 at one point.  And there were a few more walking the park on their own.
There are currently big piles of wood chips throughout the park, waiting to be spread this coming weekend, that Darwin loves to climb.
{George Frankie a friend and Darwin playing king or queen of the hill}
{Darwin friend and Frankie playing on the hill}

A new blue boy showed up at the park today, Turkish.  He's a big 10 month old boy.
{Sirus Darwin almost 8mos and Turkish 10mos}

He's still intact, so there were a few scuffles between him and some of the other males in the group, but all in all everyone had a good time.  It's always fun to meet new danes.
{Darwin on her hill at the end of the day}

It's nice to be part of the Yahoo group of Marymoor Danes, because with us being newbie dane owners we always have a lot of questions.  And any questions we may have about Darwin we can send a message to the group and usually get a good number of responses that can help us out.  It's been a great help.


  1. wow, what fun! you are lucky to have a group like that in your area!

  2. That looks like fun! Have you by any chance met Ali who has Hank who's a brindle and a fawn boy who's name escapes me at the moment?

  3. Lindsay, yes we have! we were just roaming the park with them today! Hank, Parker and shes fostering Daisy, a blue girl who looks like Darwin. Darwin LOVES Hank!

  4. Ooh, you're so lucky to have a group of Danes to romp with regularly! That is what is missing in Auckland - there are Danes who meet up to practise show stuff by standing & running around in a ring but nothing for us "pet" Danes, who don't want to do that stuff!

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Wow... Dane heaven... Shi has the same splash of white as Darwin.. not as big as Turkish...

    whe I was learning about our Chels I found a forum 'All about Great Danes' invaluable.The links on my page if you want it..

    I laughed at the last photo.. when up to hijinx's our Shiloh gets the one ear thrown back.. there was a stage I didnt think Id ever get a photo with them both down... :)

  6. Woooos! Moose sent us over to say Wooo! It looks like you had a great time at the park, meeting other doggies like woo! I hope you had lots of fun!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. It is very lucky to have this group. I think being around danes so much has helped ease Jason into accepting how big Darwin could get and not "holy cow shes gonna be huge".
    Abbey, I used that site as part of my research too.. I have it linked on the side of my page too!
    Kira, thanks for coming by!

  8. That's so cool that you met Ali!! She's a total sweet heart!