30 October 2009

{149 days old}

Since Darwin was so well behaved on the 4th of July and her spay day was coming up, we took her to Marymoor the next day.  We found some of the dane group, but Darwin still seemed a bit pooped from all the excitement the day before.
{Sirus checking on Darwin}

But then a new little harlequin puppy showed up and Darwin perked up.

After some play time with the new guy, Darwin and I met up with her bff Juneau for some water time.

First we tried to use the rubber chicken to lure her in... no luck.
Aileen had better luck with the tennis ball!

Once she was in, she realized she actually liked it in the cool water versus baking on the steps.

Me, wanting to test her out a bit, threw the tennis ball out which she willingly fetched (and she doesn't usually fetch).  So on the last throw I throw it a bit farther out, not realizing the ground falls away pretty quickly.
{we're ok so far}

{uh oh, where'd that ground go}

{oh no! no ground!}

So she sank, and then swam back very quickly and out of the water she went.  She would not go back in after that.

Juneau on the other hand looked at Darwin like, "swim girl swim"!

I was worried she'd be traumatized after that experience, but it turns out she wasn't!  woo hoo!

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  1. Yuh, my stupid brother sank the first time he tried to swim and he is an actual water dog. No worries, you'll get it.