06 October 2009

{06oct2009: temper tantrum}

First off, we'd like to send our deepest condonlences out to Mr. Darcy's family.  You gave him a great life!  He will be missed, even by those of us who only knew him through the blogging world.

Every so often Darwin has these "temper tantrums".  She'll flip over her bed, dig at it, lie on the ground and whine, chew on the carpet, scratch at the furniture, etc.  Last night we managed to record part of it.

I love the part where I ask her what's wrong and it sounds like she says "I dont know".  hahaha.


  1. BARK! Hi Darwin, your quite the talker. You sounds almost like my moo cow toy. When I get excited, I flip my bed and chew on it. Then daddy comes in and stares at me, so I bark at him, while he says "What, Girl, what?" He doesnt get it, I want to P L A YYYYYY! BARK! Sasha the Princess

  2. Hi Darwin - just wanted to say that I've loved looking at all your baby photos in the last few posts . I haven't been commenting much because Mike human has RSI and can't help me type very much but I am reading all your posts . Hey - I have tantrums like that too - usually every night after dinner !

  3. sorry - that should have been "my human " - we are using a computer software to type for us and it keeps making a lot of mistakes !!

  4. Smile, what you call a temper tantrum my daughter calls a 'Spaz Attack'. Chels seems to have them more than Shiloh and like honey says more after eating.. Chels does this weird thing at the time, almost trying to hide both eyes with her big paws..then she pounces on the spot.. Shiloh looks on with a 'what the hell!' attitude

    Its also how she shreds sheets and at one time we only had one pair left in the house... boy have the girls cost me a fortune in a short period of time... love how Darwin 'answers' you...