23 October 2009

{114 days old}

Darwin finished her third round of shots, so we celebrated by going to Marymoor for our first "great dane convention" (as our friend likes to call it).  Here she is checking out George and getting checked out by Teshua.

We also spent some time trying to lure her into the water... 

She took a small step in but wasn't willing to go much further.

She also got to meet this beautiful harlequin, Olivia... 

{Did you see how big she is?!}

It was a great chance to meet the group for the first time, and let Darwin have some time around full grown danes.


  1. You were most brave to even put that much of yourself in the water. It can be quite scary.


  2. Sounds like a brillilant day... your lucky to have Danes near... shes braver than Shilo who just wont go near water