28 October 2009

{141 days old}

We made the drive out to Tom's house for a little get together, and Darwin got to see her doggy parents for the first time since we officially adopted her.  
{who is this giant beast hovering over me?!}

Atlas could not get enough of her.  Where she went, he was right there, standing over her.

Her mom, Misty, on the other hand wasn't as keen on having another female in her house, even if it was her own daughter.

Since that first reunion, Darwin has stayed with them twice while we went on vacation, and Misty has finally warmed up to her.  Or at least she doesn't growl and bark constantly at her, she tolerates her.  Darwin has since established her dominance over her dad, and she now is the one who can't leave him alone.


  1. Smile, as a mum, if I had as many children as Misty did last time around, Id growl too if one come back through the door :) Shes a beautiful girl... the look on Darwins face in the first shot is priceless...

  2. Aw, your mom is just trying to teach you some manners is all. At least she didn't bitey you on the head and leave a scar like mine did. Ouch.


  3. Your parents are just as beautiful as you are Darwin! And in regard to your previous post, Darwin will be hitting her teenage years soon! :) Be consistant and follow through with everything, you will both be great :)

    Looking forward to more great adventures! :)

    Laura (& Lexi)