12 October 2009

{64 days old}

***We're back.  Sorry for the absence.  Quick weekend trip to the mid-west for Jason's sister's wedding.  Darwin got to spend the weekend at her doggy mom and dads. She loves it there.***

Since Darwin didn't get much time with Misty, her mom, and didn't get that socialization time, and correction from her mom or siblings, and since she's our first puppy, I decided we should take her to puppy kindergarten for her sake and ours.  After some research I picked out paws 4 training with Susan Oshie.  We started out with a 6 week course, once a week, but after the first class we saw that Darwin needed more socialization time with young  puppies, and went up to two classes a week. 
{Darwin getting to know Milkshake, the chocolate lab, and an older puppy}

It was a good mix of us learning how to train her basic commands and play time for the puppies.  At first Darwin was unsure of the new environment and all the new puppies, but was quick to pick up some things and learned that lots of treats were involved in coming to class.
When we got home, Darwin got a treat of some cherry tomatoes (she loves her fruits).

And then she passed out for the night.  And boy what a snorer!

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