20 October 2009

{98 days old}

Jason and I spent the morning going to the Seattle Cheese Festival and some brewery tours/tastings in the afternoon.  At the last brewery I picked up a plate of ribs for lunch.  mmmmm.  We picked up Darwin and walked up to Bhye Kracke Park for lunch in the sun.  I thought I'd be nice and let Darwin chew on a rib or two after I ate the meat and sauce off.
{nom nom nom}

{lip smacking good}

{Mine all mine}

We later got scoldings from our friend who said dogs shouldn't eat rib bones cause they can splinter.  Oopsie.  She only gnawed on them for a little while! 


  1. Sounds like a fun day!! We need to pick your brain about those dog-friendly Seattle-area bars/pubs. I do love the local microbrews...