30 October 2009

{28oct2009: terrible two's strike again}

Darwin's grandma and grandpa (Jason's parents) sent Darwin a Halloween package yesterday.  She got some yummy treats and her very first bandana!

It says, "I'm the princess that's why."

After we got it on her she went a little nutty trying to reach it to bite it.  Of course by the time I got my camera out to record her, she stopped and accepted the fact that she was going to be a dog that wore a bandana.  Jason and I couldn't agree on if the bandana is supposed to sit on her back, or hang down her front... any help for bandana newbies?

Then I went to take a shower, came out, and found her CHEWING ON A PAIR OF MY SHOES!!!!!!  Terrible two's strike again!  My second shoe casualty, the first to chewing though (the other to explosive diarrhea during Harry Potter night).  At least they were "cheap" pair of heels, though I really did like them, and not an expensive pair of boots.  Oi.


  1. Totally love bandanas. The girls have heaps... our cancer council puts them out each year and theyve become a bit of a collectors item... ours arent like yours but a square that you fold down till its a collar that knots around their neck..

    perhaps roll it so theres no flapping bit for her to grab with her teeth...

    heres Chels with one @ 19weeks


    though now shes bigger I take her collar off..

    the shoe eating?? put em up hi.. Shiloh will ferret them out from all sorts of places.. Chels wont touch them...

    I llove the colour of Darwins first bandana... that colour looks so cool on blue fur

  2. I think you just wear those bandanana things any way you like, little princess. As for the shoe action? Tell mom that heels are bad for her footies anyway. You are just looking out for her.


  3. I always put it on Moose so it is a little off the side when you are facing him then it goes wherever and looks fine whereever! It is an awesome bandanna though!Bummer about the shoes, my former foster pup chewed things and had a real knack for finding things that were my favorite!

  4. Love your first bandanna Darwin! It's in my human's favourite colour! I think you're wearing a very well already :-)