15 October 2009

{14oct 2009: George}

Any Seattle or Pacific Northwest folks that read this blog?  A Great Dane needs a new home (no, not Darwin).  Received this forwarded email from a friend today.  Email me if you're interested or know someone who is and I can pass on his contact information. 

It saddens me to do this but I am looking for a home for my 3 year old (apx) Brindle Great Dane, he is pretty healthy (though long walks are hard on his hips), has a great disposition and is an all-around good dog.

He came to my family almost two years ago through a rescue program I work with, when we got him he was 100lbs, way underweight for his size, we nursed him back to health and he is now about 140lbs.
During this time my son fell in love with him and we took him into our home; unfortunately a recent divorce means he doesn’t get the attention he deserves so my son and I are looking to find him a better place.

Contrary to popular beliefs Danes do not need lots of space, George loves to just lay around and go for short walks, the key to his happiness is time with his owner, kids in the home would be wonderful too.

Let me know if you’re interested, we can go from there.


If we had a bigger place Darwin would totally have George as a brother... if we had a bigger place and more money Darwin would have lots of brothers and sisters.  Okay, maybe not a lot, but at least a brother dog, and maybe a brother and sister kitty.  :)


  1. How sad it must be to have to give up a puppy!

  2. Poor guy! We know he will find a better home. That is how I found my Furever momma. My ex-family divorced and the dad did not have time for me after awhile. I know he will find a family looking for Dane love and hope George has a smooth transition to his new home.

  3. Hello buddy !!!

    Here to say HI & make new pals from the DWB family !
    Do visit us :D
    Have a nice day !

    The Musketeers

  4. Poor George. I would like him as a playmate but we live far away.

    woof - Tucker

  5. Paws crossed over here in the hopes George finds a stable safe loving home.

    Let us know how he gets on if you can