22 October 2009

{105-107 days old: part 2}

Day two we decided to do some hiking at Ecola State Park.
The hike was pretty easy, and there weren't many people on the trail, so we even tried to let her off leash a few times (at least when no one was around).  At the bottom of the trail we got to run on the beach.
She even found some friends...
If we had planned better, we would've brought some lunch and picniced on the beach, but of course we didn't.  So after some beach time, we headed over to Cannon Beach for a late lunch and to check out the town.


  1. What a beautiful spot! Your pictures are always so nice. The 4th one of just Darwin is espescially nice!

  2. Great spot you have there.. Does darwin like the water.. Shy doesnt as we didnt take her as a pup.. but shes getting better at it