15 October 2009

{14Oct 2009: naughty naughty}

Moose's mom pointed out that I've only posted the cute/good side of Darwin and have yet to post anything naughty she's done.  Believe me, while she's definitely not a horror puppy, she's had her share of moments, though of course I didn't get photographs of those incidents. 

At the point of back tracking that I'm at (71 days) she was a pretty good puppy. She still had her potty accidents in the office if we weren't careful at taking her downstairs often enough, but didn't have many at home (it's easier to run outside, than wait for an elevator to get out). And she wasn't too big of a chewer or destroyer... take that back, she liked to chew on the drawer knobs in the kitchen, but not much else.

Then we come to her being maybe 4-5 months old. One afternoon, we're getting the house ready for friends to come over, I think it was the 4th of July. We had taken her out to potty, then were cleaning up and I had just changed the sheets and made the bed. A few minutes later, we go into the bedroom (where she's not allowed) and she had jumped on the bed and peed on it! She peed on the bed!!! Of course we couldn't hit her or rub her nose in it, it was partly our fault for not watching her more carefully, and leaving the bedroom accessible. So we begrudgingly clean it up and change the sheets, again.
A few days later, she does the same thing! Though this time we catch her in the act and she gets a big scolding... so much so she runs and hides behind Jason's turn tables and is scared to come out. We quickly apologize for being so mad, and nicely tell her that's not good (like she understands what we're saying).  We couldn't figure out why she would do that... it seems so cat like.

A month or so after those incidents, Jason and I decide to leave her at home one night so we can go watch Harry Potter and have a date night. She had been having runny stool all day, but we didn't think much of it. She had outgrown the crates we had borrowed from friends by then so we were using a baby gate and keeping her in the kitchen. We get home from the movie, and the first thing we notice is the smell. Then we see it... diarrhea in the entry way, a small trail to the bathroom... and the baby gate knocked over. She is so scared of the baby gate (it's fallen enough times that the noise of it hitting the floor scares her) that she must've really had to go. It was impressive that she did it right at the door, and funny enough, in Jason's hiking boot that was out. hehehe. We couldn't be mad, cause she wasn't feeling well, and at least most of it was on the tile floor and not the carpet. Poor thing.

The most recent incident was just this past weekend while we were out of town. She was at Tom's house staying with her doggy parents. They let the dogs on the furniture, and Darwin was infatuated with her dad, Atlas, and wouldn't leave his side. So when he went to bed in one of the boys rooms, she went with him, and during the night tore up one of his books. She's never done that at our house, so we were horrified when we heard about it.

I'm sure there will be more bad dog moments in the future... and we don't look forward to them. :)

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  1. Pooed in dad's boot... now that is funny! Very odd about peeing on the bed since it does not sound like an accident exactly and I have heard of dogs doing that to mark but she is an only dog and a female so it seems odd. Maybe the sheets smelled too clean ;-) Book chewing... now that is a 'bad dog' incident but it is amazing there are so few! Keeping bad habits at bay is much easier than breaking them, so whatever you are doing, keep it up! And please, for heavens sake when there is an incident we need pictures or I will start to think she is not real! Give her scratches from me and Moose and tell her we are impressed!