29 October 2009

{148 days old}

The nice thing about summer in Seattle is how perfect the temperature usually is (I say usually, cause this year we hit record high's in the 100's).  The other great thing is the heat made Darwin nice and lazy.  Now that it's fall/winter and the temperature has dropped from 80's to 50's, all that pent up energy is coming out. 
Back on the 4th of July, we were planning a roof top bbq with views of the fireworks on Lake Union.  The nice warm day, meant Darwin was nice and calm.  

Started the day off with some breakfast and ice cold water.

Then it was a bunch of lazing about.

At one point she buily up enough energy to dig a toy out of her toy box, but that was about it.  She only had enough in her to lay on the floor and mouth it.

 {I'm pooped!}

She was pretty much like this all day.  We weren't sure how she'd handle the fireworks, so we put her in her crate before they started, and when we went to get her out she seemed totally fine.  We then all got to enjoy this view:


  1. Fantastic shots of Darwin. We're just coming into summer and I wonder how the girls will go. The are already flat on the floor panting and its only just begun... lots of morning beach trips I think...

    Wow, Ive never seen Seatle before :)

  2. Ha! I demand that momma put my toys in my large but not moving about mouth. If I lay down with a toy inches from my nose. I will cry until momma moves it close enough to grab without moving. Why waste energy. Besides, you need to focus on growing right now. That is hard work.