12 October 2009

{fyi: Magnuson Park *update 2*}

I don't know if there are any Seattle readers of our blog, but just in case there are I thought I should pass on this message.  There is some guy bringing his 3 pit bulls to the water area of Magnuson off leash park, and releasing them to attack other dogs.  It's happened twice around 1130 on Friday's.  One dog died as a result. 

9/25 incident FRIDAY 11:30 - noon
11:30 AM at the beach... female with adult boxer and boston terrier.. pits all attacked boxer.. man just stood and watched and didn't do anything to stop it! After a long while... the man called the dogs off... boxer died at the vet 2 hrs later.. terrier survived.. severely injured. No report filed yet as the owner is too distressed..
10/2 FRIDAY 11:30 - noon
Man with his two huskies... one pup and one adult. Pits all attacked
adult husky... again, owner watched and did nothing. owner of husky pulled the dogs off... dog had broken leg. Owner has filed a report.


If you see this person, please try to get his license plate number and call animal control immediately (206) 296-PETS [7387].

DESCRIPTION: White Male early 20's heavily tattooed arms.. shaved head...
with White Female - early 20's med to heavy build long brown hair

DOGS: 3 PIT BULLS 1 white or gray, 1 brindle, 1 10month old brown
VEHICLE: very old silver pick up truck.. with damage to the right rear

Our neighbor who Darwin has playdates with in the garage just told us about this last night, and she's thinking about going down to the park (without Riley, their dog of course) to try and get pictures of this guy.
It's unbelievable that someone would be that cruel to first of all train their dogs to fight, and secondly to have them attack innocent dogs at a DOG PARK.  
It's sad that a breed with an already bad reputation gets an even worse rep by bad owners. 

***update 1: It seems that this guy and his dogs have been at Marymoor park too.  Someone in our Marymoor dane group sent a message today that an older man's  little terrier dog was the victim 2-3 weeks ago.
There are comments going around that people are skeptical that this is a true story as no one has officially reported these incidents to police and that there are no witnesses who have come forward.  Also that this could all be some ploy to rally attention to the breed as a breed ban is being debated in Bothell.
If these are fabricated stories, it's an awful thing to do, just to get publicity for a breed ban.  It's not affecting just Bothell, but every dog owner in the Seattle area.  
My family owned a pit mix and he was a very loving dog.  If anything he was more scared of everything than scary.  In fact in a fight with our neighbor's dog (they both jumped the fence to get to eachother), our dog was the one who needed to be taken to the vet.  And not to say the other dog was mean and vicious or the owners were bad owners, it just goes to show that not all pit (mixes or not) are bullys.***

***update 2:  Another attack has happened, this time at Edmonds off leash park.  Here's what was said on Yelp and the Mountlake Terrace Blog.  The dog owners were able to get a license plate number and report it to police.  Hopefully these people will get caught and their dogs can be rehabilitated and not put down for their owners bad judgment.***


  1. We received an email from one of the lists that we're on talking about this. It's just awful!!>:(

  2. Gees thats just plain sick.. but nothing suprises me when humans are involved...I'd be careful all round as i doubt he will stay in the one park but will move on... and if they get him how do they prove it, just has to say it was a dog fight and not his fault...

    why is it any sort of cruelty to animals gets minimum sentence.. makes me angry

    great you posted it...x

  3. Nothing a staggered clip .45 wouldn't solve. Do the owner first, then see what you can do with the pits (probably have to destroy them, poor things).

  4. Please try to get the first owner to file a report. I'm an attorney and can tell you that this is criminal conduct and if the guy ever gets charged, the prior incident is important to help the prosecution establish absence of accident or mistake, possible modus operandii, etc.

  5. Very scary! A long time ago my Mom was at a park with a sweet Goldie dog she had, they walked around a little lake, and when they came out the dog ran up to a guy fishing who pulled a gun out of his trousers and held it to the dogs head. My Mom got the dog, they ran off and reported it to the park ranger, who went looking for the guy. But all he had to say was the dog attacked him! Now we never go off leash in public.


  6. I hope this story isn't true but if it is that guy should be neutered and put in jail. If it was fabricated that is sick! Moose was attacked unprovoked by a pit at the dog park but even I don't think the breed is to blame. The owner of that pit did not seem to care or seem surprised meaning that he should not have brought his dog there in the first place but I don't think that is a breed thing, that is a stupid human thing! In Miami the breed is banned because it is the best way the police have to root out the many numbers of dog fighting rings that are in Miami. If you have a pit then the cops have a legal reason to search for evidence of dog fighting paraphenalia which it is illegal to even own but they will never find it since it is never outside unlike the dogs. So I have mixed feelings about this kind of ban. In areas where organized dog fighting is a problem I think it might be a necessary evil but I won't claim to be fully informed on the matter. It is a sad thing that has happened to the breed and situations like this only makes things worse whether it is true or some inflamatory rumor. Still I hope it is not true for pups sake. Keep us posted on what you find out.

  7. oh Stella! That is a scary story! Your poor mom must've been so scared! I would have been.

  8. OMG....that's horrible and sick! Why would someone do that? That person needs to be put in jail and rehabilitated probably more than the dogs. :( So scary and sad.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting our blog. :) Darwin is beautiful! :)

    Amber & Nala