02 October 2009

{45 days old}

March in Seattle is still pretty chilly, and Darwin being a tiny puppy with a short coat, would freeze when we were outside, even if it was short walks from the parking garage to the office.  Our coworker went out at lunch one day and got her a gift (one of many).

It was the cutest thing!   And she loved it!

Though once the hood went up, she wasn't as fond of it.  She looked like a boxer getting ready to go in the ring for a fight!


  1. What a brilliant friend you have... just tooo tre cool! Darwin may not of liked the hood but she looked damn fine in it.. How good is the colour of the stripes agains the blue

    Id like something like that for when we leave the beach and they are wet and sandy, just to dry them off and protect the car a bit..

    I was thinking of nicking my sons, he's 6foot+

  2. Yea, Im wondering what we're going to use now that shes way bigger, and the weather is just starting to change into fall...

  3. OMG That is the most adorable thing ever! Now that she is growing I am sure it is harder. Mango and dexter's momma had some made for them! I think Honey's did too but maybe you already saw that.