13 October 2009

{65 days old}

The fun thing about having a small(ish) puppy, is you can dress them up in ridiculous things.  Monday morning, I was working at my desk, when I turned around and this is what Darwin was wearing:

Tom had found this lovely ensamble over the weekend, and managed to sneak it on her without me noticing.  
She was not too thrilled about it.

{Stop laughing at me!!! Get this off!!!}

Great danes, puppy or not, were not meant to wear little ballerina outfits.  She was so muscular, she looked like a football player wearing a dress.

Her tantrum with the dress on was her biting at the carpet.  


  1. OMD that is HILARIOUS! Much harder to dress up a big dog for sure so you were right to enjoy it while you could! This is what happens when you dress up a big dog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-j3AiBGhZI
    No sense of humor I tell you!

  2. Dana that is such a funny video! Our neighbor's got a bee costume for their black lab! I don't think we'd be able to find a costume that would fit Darwin anymore.

  3. That is way too freaking hilarious!!

  4. I thought that was soooo cute.. loved the third photo, and like I always say pink goes so well with blue fur ;)