24 October 2009

{121 days old}

One week later and we go back to Marymoor to give Darwin some playtime with her bff Juneau.  While waiting for her to arrive, Darwin made friends with this cute little golden, Cooper.  Jason was taken with Cooper, as his family had a golden named Cooper too.

Juneau came and she and Darwin had a blast chasing eachother through the tall grass.

When it was time to go we decided to give Darwin a bath at the handy dog wash in the parking lot.  The Spot Wash is such a handy thing!  You can let your dog(s) get as muddy as they want at the park, and before you load them into your car you can get them washed and dried all for a low fee.  Darwin was not thrilled with it at first, but with lots of treats and praises we were able to get her bathed and dried and we were on our way.



  1. Darwin! No no no! Don't let them get away with that dog wash crap. Full sized doggies deserve a full spa treatment. Oh man. You look sad.


  2. Poor Darwin, you look so sad. But it's ok - you get to sleep with your mom and dad after you have a bath cause you smell so good!