14 October 2009

{66 days old}

Day two of puppy kindergarten.  A new puppy was there, a little french bulldog boy, Louie.  He and Darwin hit it off!  She was much better playing with him than she was at the first kindergarten class.

They were so cute playing together!  We call Louie Darwin's first boyfriend.  


  1. They are adorable together! I am glad she has worked out the kibble ball! We like it for the opposite reason in that it slows Moose down while he eats, but if it makes her eat better that is great too! I have been told by behaviorists that hunting for food is doubly stimulating (compared to just playing with a toy) so that is good for their emotional well being. Moose will fall sound asleep after playing with it! The only problem is that I don't like to give it to him when I am not home because it can roll under furniture and I am afraid of what he would do (could even hurt himself) trying to get it out since he is strong enough to move furniture. He probably would not but I don't want to find out!

  2. Louie and Darwin are sooooo cute together!!

  3. This bought back memories of Chels at puppy school. We had the usual Dane thing that everyone expected her to be 'behaved' as she was so big and looked older... she was very like Darwin.. just having fun. Im glad she went she definitely benefitted from the socialisation.