19 October 2009

{18oct2009: love fall in Seattle}

Thank goodness the rain stopped!  Saturday was Jason's college football day... and Sunday was pumpkin patch (for me) and Marymoor day for Darwin.  We were hoping we could take Darwin through the corn maze, and help pick a pumpkin, but no dogs allowed past the parking lot.  Boo.  Next year we'll look into a dog friendly pumpkin patch (do they even exisit?). 
Since Darwin was stuck inside most of the day yesterday due to the rain, today we spent a lot of time at Marymoor.  As soon as we got there she found a dane to play with.

{she fell on her back and slid down the wood chip hill}

Darwin won't usually run off on her own, so to get her to run, we split up as we walk and call her back and forth between us. 

{Here she comes!}


She met a lot of dogs to play with today.  Stella, a boxer, and Darwin had a great time chasing each other and wrestling on the wood chips.

On our last lap around, we ran into some of the Marymoor Dane group.  We also met a 5.5 month female merle, Bella, and her two owners.  Bella was unsure of the bigger danes, but had a great time with Darwin.  Hopefully we'll see them at the part more often! (I had put my camera away at that point... dang)

We got home from the park, and Darwin's feet were muddy, so we started to fill the tub with water for her, and to our surprise, she walked right in!  Usually she'll go up to the tub and watch the water, but I'll have to help her(push her) in the tub.  This is the first time she had no hesitation to get in!  She must've wanted the water time she didn't get at the park since the water was so cold.

Haven't heard of a third taker for Paw it Forward, so we'll play with the two we have heard from, and donate the 3rd portion... maybe to the groups who maintain the dog parks Darwin likes to frequent (COLA or SODA). 

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  1. That slide down the hill was really uncool. I'm going to just guess you did it on purpose, right?