04 October 2009

{51 days old}

Back when she could still curl up in my lap... and fit


  1. Smile I just cant look at Darwin without thinking someone on the other side of the world has nicked Shilohs sister... shes such a cutie. You wait till twelve months time when she 'sits' in you lap.. :) and she will

    When I get my external hard drive back Ill find some pics of Shiloh at the same age... Ive been slack about her section of the blog but if you have a chance have a look at the section on Chelsea...

  2. Hi Miss Darwin. You look SO comfy sitting in that lap.


  3. Brooke,
    You made my dad stopping by my blog, but now you may regret it because I want your dog. Darwin is gorgeous. Isn't it a shame when they grow up from that adorable puppy stage. With our boerboel and with I am sure with your great dane the breeder said to enjoy the puppyhood because it goes by fast. I swear Africa grew in a week. Africa was to die for cute. It was a good thing because when my husband showed up that with her in his arms I melted. Even though I was holding a 2 month old crying infant in my arms I sighed and thought I can do this. What a lovely blog and sorry for the longest comment you have ever received.
    Kasha and Africa

  4. Hello Brooke:

    Thank you for wishing Stella a Happy Birthday.
    Your name was drawn as the winner of the Last Chance Dog book. Will you write to me at
    letoile@arvig.net and let me know what the mailing address will be?

    You are new to our blog, so we had to come and take a look at yours. Darwin is so beautiful, and she will be a joy to you in the years to come.

    Best wishes,
    Jo, Stella's Mom